About Matt Tuteur

Matt Tuteur is a Chicago based photographer. He began taking photos in 1995 with a 35mm camera. From 1995-2000 he acquired over 100,000 photos of Chicago street art. In 2001 he founded Crime Pays Magazine. Crime Pays is a Chicago publication showcasing 100% Chicago street art.

In 2002 Matt gained an interest in Chicago’s homeless and began to document their seemingly impossible existence. This documentation has continued to present day. In 2005 Matt graduated from Harrington College with a degree in digital photography. In 2007, New City Magazine named Matt #2 out of a handful of Chicago’s up and coming emerging artists and photographers.

Matt has entered countless buildings working totally alone. He honestly starts taking photos where most people would stop. His unwavering ability to enter any situation no matter how uncontrolled and exit with excellent images, truly expresses his love and overall personal obligation to document and preserve Chicago’s historical structures.

Besides the photographs featured on this blog, Matt has many more historic snapshots of the Chicago that was. Matt is also available for photo shoots.

Matt can be contacted at mtttuteur7@gmail.com or at 312-218-2102.


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